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30m Grabber

Grid: EL09rk
Radio: Ensemble RXTX
Antenna: Homebrew similar to G5RV but using ~18ft aluminum tube as elements, located ~20ft AGL and tuned to 30m

Latest 1 hour grab

Updated approximately every 10 min. (Click to enlarge.)

30m Grabber archive

Bluetooth Morse Code Keyboard

This project is intended to help provide better computer access for people who can't easily use common keyboards and mice. Similar commercial products use serial, USB and PS/2 ports and cost up to $450 or more, which seems like a rip off to me for such a simple device. By using Bluetooth allows this device to be paired with more than just a desktop computer. Devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets that support bluetooth HID profiles can also be used.

Soundcard Radio Direction Finding (RDF)

Updated: 2010.07.13

For theory of operation See:
"A Doppler Radio-Direction Finder (Part 1)" by Mike Kossor, WA2EBY - QST, May 1999
"A Doppler Radio-Direction Finder (Part 2)" by Mike Kossor, WA2EBY - QST, June 1999
and/or the nearly equivilant article is Ramsey Electronics Model No. DDF1 manual:

Doppler RDF projects:

LED Propeller POV sign repair

I have a POV toy/sign I got from thinkgeek.com, I don't think they sell them any more... Anyway, I accidentally broke mine, and decided to fix it by making a new "propeller." I did the layout design in a CAD program running on Linux program called qCAD. I etched the board fairly easily using the Pulsar Profx "Contact Etch" method.

Programable LED Signs / Name Badges


I wanted to implement an auxiliary external display on Linux. I looked at a few displays and found three that had reasonable prices. Unfortunately none of them came with open source software, they did however come with some working but pretty poor windows software. So to use these devices from Linux or any other OS in a specialized way, I would have to reverse engineer the signs to a certain extent. This page is basically a summary on how I reverse engineered the communication protocols for the three signs.


Tower Model

Miniature Antenna Tower Model with 4 Element Yagi-Uda and blinking lights.

Parts used:
Pulsar Profix: Green TRF, Toner Transfer Sheets
Fiberglass board 0.032" thick double sided copper clad board
Copper wire #18 AWG
Magnet wire #30 AWG
Copper clad steel wire #14 AWG
Ferric Chloride - Radio Shack
Liquid Tin - Mouser
Sharpie permanent marker
555 timer
82k, 33k, 1k ohm resistors
47uF capacitor
NTE 123AP NPN BJT transistor (2N3904)
Red surface mount LEDs
SPST mini toggle switch - Radio Shack
Miscellaneous screws and wire
Lots of solder
1 dead 9 V battery
1 good 9 V battery

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